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The time has finally come! Fans of The M Machine and Skrillex‘s OWSLA label can rejoice with this long awaited EP release. Titled Just Like, this five track compilation is a mix of The M Machine‘s new sound, and their creative contribution to the current state of dance music. If you are not familiar with them, do not expect to hear the same big room sound that most of the other producers use. On the other hand, they created these five tracks based on a more indie/dance music style.

The San Francisco-based group recently completed a tour with The Glitch Mob and Chrome Sparks, where they played some of their new music.

1. “Just Like”

“Just Like” is the first track and the name of the EP. They had released this track in the past, and it really gave an idea of the groove they followed for their new productions. This chill and relaxed house bassline, in combination with the groovy vocal chops, makes you feel carefree and want to dance all around in your computer chair! It really is something different for the masses. At 122 BPM, it is a relatively slow house track. However, it is really catchy due to their unique choice of sound design. The title is really random and funny, when it appears in vocal form during the track. They described it in a very playful way to THUMP:

“The title track makes us laugh and dance in equal parts. Have a beer with it!” – The M Machine

2. “Don’t Speak”

I love the panning (directing the sound from left to right) pads in the beginning of the track! The vocals on this one are really encompassing and touching, and they are deep and reverbed. The bass is my favorite part of the track. Once it hits around the first minute, it just moves you and warms your soul. Even though this is slower and tranquil, it would be epic to witness it live. Their excellent sound design has to be noted on the modulating female vocal sample. Such a melodic tune.

3. Over/Love

“Over/Love” is the fastest tempo tune they released on the EP. It is more on the dancy side, with the dreamy synths and pads that are all over the track. After listening to it, I noticed an harp-like sound which blew my mind! The way they layered sounds for this track is really creative, and it brings an array of emotions to the listener.

4. Pluck Pluck

The track is driven by the vocal sample in the beginning, in combination with that awesome jumpy bassline! What I really like about this production is the musical samples that pop up. The track never ceases to change. They add different elements every couple of seconds. However, the modulating synth around 1:50 is my favorite sound on this track! It really brings me back a nostalgic feeling of acid house basslines, but it also has its own distinct melodic properties.

5. So Change

The last track of the EP is really the cherry on the pie. Mind-boggling bass, but not dirty. It’s warm, energetic and it really touches the listener’s soul. “So Change” does not have as many vocal chops as the other tracks, but its melody really elevates your mood. The lead around the third minute with the vocals, takes the listener to a melodic climax of eargasmic sounds. Definitely one of my favorite chill tracks of all time.

The M Machine‘s Just Like EP has made me appreciate the time they put in designing all these sound patches for us to listen to. They really surpassed their past productions by giving us a number of tracks with elements that current dance music is missing. Forget big drops, ear-deafening bass and the same drums that everyone else uses. This is a new direction that electronic music is heading to, and I am in love with it!