This past week on Aspire to Inspire we shared an incredibly powerful story. We shared the story of Andrew “Kennedy” Jones, a music producer from Corona, California. Some of you may know him from his bass-heavy trap productions on Buygore or his grimy festival and club sets. However, unless you read his story on Aspire to Inspire last week, then you probably know very little about what he has overcome to get to this position today. His story is so moving that we wanted to dive even further into his life and have him on this week’s live stream.

The response we received from his article was unbelievable. People were so inspired by the fact that he was willing to share so much of his story. But this is what Kennedy wants. He wants his story to be heard by everyone. His goal is to inspire people by staying true to himself without any gimmicks or deception. He is authentic. He hopes that he can reach anyone in need of this message.

In this live stream, Kennedy will tell us more about what it was like growing up as a minority in several tough (mostly Hispanic) neighborhoods. He will discuss his early experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and how this led to a grueling addiction. Tragedy plagued his early childhood: male role models walking in and out of his life, separation from his mother and sisters, and the deaths of several loved ones. Don’t worry though, his story contains a lot of uplifting and inspiring moments as well. He will share with us how he mustered up the courage to say goodbye to his demons and to his addiction. Most importantly, we will learn how electronic music saved his life.  There are so many different parts to his story that everyone should be able to relate or draw a connection.

Come get inspired with us and catch Kennedy Jones on Aspire to Inspire Live (via Wednesday, November 12th at 8pm EST.