I’ve listened to this EP more than a couple times today while I was working. That’s generally how I review music now — I listen to the music I’m going to review while I’m writing up a popular news story or even just a small press release. I thought that by now, just listening to the music in the background would be enough. And for some music, this is true. But what Runaway has reminded of is the fact that all music can have its own time and place.

The time and place for Runaway happened to be at about 3:30pm, lying on my bed for my midday nap.

Crywolf’s music has always been peaceful. It has been powerful, sure, but I can’t think of an example of his music since the Ghosts EP that you might describe as “harsh” or “dissonant.” Even Ghosts was just the first step toward that perfect balance of peaceful and powerful. Angels was a huge success, and a large step in the right direction for the Crywolf sound. It was emotive and strong, and shook my house at the same time. Runaway picks up where Angels left off, in the sense that Crywolf has continued to evolve his sound to such a degree that it is nearly perfected. (Though, a musician will never tell you that their work is perfect. If they do, they’re lying.)

And now, with Ianborg taking the co-pilot seat, this EP has reached critical mass. Please, please please do me the favor of listening to this lying down with your eyes closed. Hell, you could even meditate while listening. You don’t need to pay attention to the lyrics at first listen, though they are important. This work is arranged as much as it is produced, with powerful tracks leading into utter vocal paradises. “Bedroom Eyes” is a perfect example of how an electronic producer can augment the already powerful vocals of an accomplished vocalist and amplify them beyond comprehension. That track’s place in the EP, as #4, is no mistake. It follows the most “EDM” track of the EP, “Oceans Pt. II” and precedes one of the most technically wonderful of the EP, “Ribcage.”

The tracklisting on this release is as much a work of art as the music itself. Crywolf, time and again, solidifies his place as a star in ambient and downtempo electronic music. It seems that he is never satisfied, always clinging to that higher level of excellence. Ianborg, as well, is likely to find a large fanbase with this release as it is clear that his contributions added so much to the overall experience of the EP.

Runaway premiered at #2 on the iTunes dance chart. You can grab your copy HERE and help it get to #1.