It’s cool when an artists makes something that really baffles themselves. When Noya created “We Are,” and posted it the description read, “I don’t know what this is.” Well, I do; it’s a freakin’ banger! The original, which is completely different from anything else he’s created, is one of the freshest twerk tunes I’ve heard in a while. He turns up the genre with some gritty bass and even throws in a dembow section to get some moombah vibes going. Just for funsies there are some samples from Archer thrown into the mix too. However, you’re not here for cartoons, you’re here for quality music and luckily this is both. This song is a testament to trying new things, and I hope to see Noya, and others doing it more often. Give it a listen and prepare to move your booty to the bass.

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