In a world where the trap runneth over, one man dares to run the house. Atlanta, GA is that world and the homie Eddie Gold the man. He is the man, wrecking this city that basically bore southern rap music and has been the motherland for the trap genre. Nothing is off limits for Eddie Gold though. It is this fearless notion that has given birth to his unique sound.

His latest single, “Fly Away,” hot off the presses, is a testament to that. This track is uplifting electro house, in this style that Gold has cultivated down south and given to all the world. It tells us to spread our wings, chase our dreams, and never stop fighting. Gold is always on his grind. He works hard for what he wants, and is an inspiration to those of us out there who have aspirations and dreams that may seem out of reach. When we start to get down about the impossibility of those dreams, we should heed the message from this track, and from the voice of Eddie Gold himself, who dares to run the trap+house in the home of the trap and who has this message for you:

Here is my new single feat K-Major titled Fly Away.
I am giving this one away due to the continued support from everyone around the globe! I love you guys! #GOLDFAM means every thing to me. You guys that constantly show up to shows, Share my music, Leave comments of encouragement and tell me to keep pushing is the most amazing thing ever. So here is my gift from me to you guys. I really hope you dig it. With everything I have, I love you guys. Here is Fly Away……