Meet Sugar Crush, a Brazilian DJ/Producer duo that until now were just strangers with candy. Sweet allure in a name everyone will recognize; signifying a level up in the famous Facebook game, Candy Crush, mindless, has its impossible moments that cause desperate calls to join the masses. 

Choosing a household name synonymous with winning seems like a boss move. Especially because of the language barrier between the guys and pretty much the globe minus Portugal. Rodrigo and Samuel, no longer strangers to you, may not be able to articulate in English the message they are trying to convey, but their music speaks through dark, heavy basslines with screams and shrill, rap vocals slow and low, snares, hi-hats and of course the kick that goes boom.

And, look out you’re in the trap now.

Brazilian trap/twerk cranks up the BPM to 100, drops the bass down real low and revels in big booties as they almost hit the floor but bounce up and down to the beat, jiggling but never actually hitting the floor. Baring it all on the dance floor is a physical manifestation of this style, naked and completely mental. Sugar Crush’s music pays tribute to baile funk and favela booty music coming out of these shacks, stacked and stuffed in the Brazilian hills that overlook the ocean. In 2004, tastemakers spun actual vinyl on turntables from crates of whatever, and improvised with tools and recordings to further layer their sound.

Around the same time Jersey, Baltimore and Philadelphia club DJs spun in the same fashion, with a twist from each on Brazil’s sound. Ten years later, these artist come complete with a sound that is darker and more dangerous. The cocking of guns and tongue rolling rudeboi vocals are downright scary, but they directly reflect the reality of the nation. Breaking and broken, paradise lost.

Sugar Crush means level completed, and is accompanied by a pink and white ribbon with that message. Today marks one year the two have been grinding in this music game, and we want to help them celebrate. As a thank you to their fans, a new track available for free, as is most of their music, aptly entitled, “FCKN NIGHT.”

Show the homies some love and appreciation for their tireless dedication. Self-made and self-marketed, Sugar Crush could use a, “FCKN NIGHT” of release . If only Fatman Scoop was there… They sample his vocals on the track and give their signature sound a little something extra, especially with so much going on in the instrumental section of this track sounding like a snake in the grass.