The homie Ayo Alex is deep in the house, pushing out low, bouncy tones. Deep house is trending hard in the hipster sector of the electronic music world, unless the desire to be obscure and original has taken the trends to an even more remote location in this attempt to keep the mainstream away. There are so many subgenres these days, it is sometimes hard to keep up or take seriously some of these labels.

Deep house is one that is sort of sacred and clearly defined, distinctly heard and easily identified by most listeners of electronic music. There is definitely a very specific time and place for this style of music. I see a basement or warehouse in [insert artsy hipster neighborhood], maybe afterparty or underground rave, and a bunch of weirdos dancing like no one is looking. The whole crowd bounces and grooves in unison to repetitive instrumentals doing very fluid and funky things with their appendages.

Even in the oddball niche that is deep house where Ayo Alex produces his tunes, he finds a way to bring elements foreign to the genre, putting his own spin on the tracks he produces and being a part of this cohesive connective effort. His remix of The Chainsmokers‘, “Kanye” is the second track I’ve written up as of recent. (The first was a remix of Meghan Trainor’s, “All About That Bass.”) Both of the originals have a very prominent place in the mainstream, a place scoffed at by most of those that love deep house.

This unique blend of pop and deep house takes the audiences out of these places, bringing everyone together no matter how different their tastes. Ayo Alex’s, “Kanye,”¬†showcases his individuality and versatility, and has elements that will speak to all kinds of audiences. Catchy lyrics if you want to sing along, subject matter is Yeezus for all of us who want to be just like Mr. West when we grow up, and all kinds of bouncing low toned deep house vibes.

We are all weirdos. Ayo Alex’s music is a melting pot reflection of that, so grab the free download and peep his catalogue. Dude stays putting out music. Deep house goodness spun into a sound that is all his own.

Get weird.