Once again, Unborn Records is tossing up some of the hottest trap beats available with Eekoz‘s latest original, “Headsplit.” This is one of the most involved and yet well executed tracks we’ve heard in a minute and it flies right in the face of the many “minimal” trap tunes out there. This is one you can listen to over and over and pick out new elements and samples each time.

The Parisian trap flavor still hasn’t been adopted by American ears just yet, but this is an excellent representation of the nuanced style. They often play off of middle-eastern style percussion with lofty synth leads and a bouncing swing. At Your EDM, we have been watching this style unravel closely and are excited to see more tracks like these wash up against our shore. You can grab a free download of Eekoz‘s new tune below or if you appreciate artistry, you can grab it off Beatport or iTunes.

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