Hopscotch is working to fulfill a destiny as an artist. Not sure that there is anything this girl cannot do, except being limited because she is a girl.

It is the truth. It happens to black guys too, even trap artists, even the white ones. Racism and sexism were built into our system. Except, no one should be afraid of who they were born to be. No one should have to sacrifice themselves to get what they want. No one should be judged for who they are or what they are, especially an artist of color that spins that “nu-nu shit” that makes you go mental.

The rest of the industry hustles to make music whenever they can and dedicates their life to that dream. Most likely, they won’t make it. They never sacrifice their integrity as an artist though, and never lose themselves (unless you’re Alesso). That’s the essence of this premiere track, “Pretty Girl Swag,” a super ghetto, over-the-top- trapped out track that is nothing but filth dirtier than any other track you know, except shit by The Weeknd. I love what she does with the vocals, they are staggered and layered at all different speeds, giving it this jarring flow. It is so hot.

Even more amazing is that Hopscotch is the DJ/Producer/Vocalist and pretty much a tastemaker to the fullest extent. This track is catered for this exact moment, and her other music is so substantive that I cry. She is so much deeper than this to be honest, you need to see the depth in this track if you want to get down the pretty girl swag. That wicked charisma from what Hopscotch calls “witch step” and “Pretty Girl Swag” go hand in hand, since before she made this track, like little girls skipping in a yard and hopping on the squares drawn on the concrete. Except in this version, the girls are all grown up, but wearing the same little outfits. Skipping and hopping, sometimes in slow motion, with juicy lipstick and lollipops. Strapped with gats and combat boots.

“My shit clitoris. Your shit dickless. C L I T  O  O  O  R I S . PRETTY GIRL SWAG.”

She is so much more than the trap beats and vocals on that track, and from what I’ve gauged audiences are properly trolled. I hope dickheads everywhere just feel dickless, like the notion behind this track. Seems like they’re disgusted for the most part, not even in the language but because it is so hood. They probably also really like DJ Cornhole and the Plumbercracks.

Hopscotch is looking forward to challenging all those dudes out there, her colleagues. Her talent is superior to most of the acts out there, but no one has to know that for now. Hear a little from Hopscotch herself:

First and foremost, what is it like being a woman in this man’s industry that we are in?

Gender? Simple answer… ‘Fok that!

Are you ever afraid to be who you are or say how you feel, speak your mind because of some kinds of repercussions that might fall out because of this unforgiving industry?

I mean, we could probably sit down and write 10 books about the realities of being anything but a man in a man’s world.  Music, and particularly bass music and ‘EDM’, are male dominated, it’s a fact.  But, if I sit here and shape my every move around men and their perceptions and attitudes, then I’m acquiescing to that dynamic, and if I do that, then I’ve ultimately failed to reflect myself in my music.  You’ll note the only gender title in this answer is “man / male”, because, basically, the starting point of this whole conversation assumes that men’s opinion is the only one that ultimately matters, and that regardless of how I might gender identify, I don’t stack up to the standard model in music – and… (insert massive cackle) Fuck that!

Do you feel you have to watch yourself more because you are a woman?

Absolutely, I have to be hyperaware of what I’m doing, because if I’m assertive about something then I’m a bitch, if I have an emotional response, then I’m crazy, if I wear something revealing in a photo or video, I’m selling out, or I’m a slut. I’ve had it happen where I spoke out about some misogynistic bullshit and it’s had an impact on my career.  Won’t go into specifics, but it’s happened.  Do I find myself limited by gender? Yeah, so what. It becomes fuel to my fire, and my hope is that women all over the world rise above all the bullshit that’s in their “face” every day and know their worth and live in their power. if they don’t know their power that they may come to know it, and live it, and fucking take over their world with love.

I ask all of these things because you seem to be a pretty daring individual. Where do you find all of this courage to be who you are?

Where do I find the courage?  Well, my therapist just asked me that last Thursday, so I’ve been thinking about this.  I think I was born with a tough spirit and a large capacity for compassion, empathy, trauma, what have you.  I’ve got a strength beyond myself.  I feel connected to things bigger than this life, and that helps me find the strength to be me in this world.

You blend genre and say no to convention in a way that is so refreshing in this industry. I also took not to your many varied influences on facebook. Can you pinpoint where exactly you draw inspiration from?

Influence? Thanks! I really work hard to keep it different.  I started off as a live sound engineer in Seattle at a good time for music in that city, so I met a lot of cool people and folks starting out on their careers at that point, and that kinda led me to the Burn and whole scene from way back.  I toured with the Fungineers on one of Bassnectar’s early tours.  It’s the same sorta thing that led me to Reece (Releece) and the Dimond Saints guys while I lived in Oakland…  a lot of new love in LA, where I’m living now…  I’ve been super fortunate to get the chance to meet some amazing people and kinda been tapped in with what’s next for a long while now.  As far as inspiration, I get more from nature, or getting out in the world than I get from other music most of the time.  I like to let other people’s emotions impact mine when I write, but listening to music is like getting a picture of someone else’s world, and for me that’s more often therapy than someplace I go when I’m in a writing mode.  Other than that, I’ve always had a dynamic ear… I fucking love music, and I don’t really like to limit it beyond that.  I mean it’s one thing to sound “current”, but I feel like all these flavor of the week, super discrete labels for genres these days is ultimately killing what’s awesome about music.

Do you think it is important to blend genre? Why?How exactly would you describe the genre witch-trap?

Witch-trap kinda goes back to that last bit above. It’s a moniker I’ve been using for a while for my music.  It’s sorta serious, in that my music tends to be kinda dark and a little bit more reflective – moody.  But, at the same time, it’s also just about putting a new and kinda “who cares?” label on some shit just to fuck around.  Lately, instead of witch-trap I’ve been labeling my songs “Hopscotch” for genre, cuz I feel like too many people give too many shits about that stuff.

Tell us a little bit about this new track, Pretty Girl Swag. Honestly, you had me at the title, but your lyrics are dope and oh that beat. I am quickly becoming known at my publication for writing up the raunchiest of tunes. I believe that raunchy is real. So give us a little insight into your thoughts about that, and let us know how this particular track came to be.

“Raunchy is real.”  Ha!  I like that.  Totally agree.  To 100% validate your first question, this song is pretty much all about owning our swag.  It’s about all “pretty girls”, and there’s no predetermined idea of what a pretty girl is and what’s dangling or not between her legs.  “My shit’s clitoris, your shit’s ‘dick-a-less” <<< RIDICULOUS!  I mean, at the end of the day, I’m poking fun at the socially accepted norms of gender bias in our society… it’s basically a parody of the whole male driven culture, and at the same time claiming that same confidence in my body, mind, sex and spirt.  If a dude can rap about his member, then I can rap about my pussy.  Reece (Releece – the producer) and I had a fucking blast writing this song and having a good chuckle at the whole thing.

Don’t sleep on this beauty. I love her.  #inspired