“Don’t Disconnect” is a record that was released this year by the Texan singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffe.
Even more recently released was a remix of the song from the New York producer BLACKVICH. You wouldn’t recognize the name, but you may recognize the man behind the act, Mike Bugout, who has worked with and for artists like Richard Grey and Neon Hitch. With this new venture, he gets things going in a deep fashion with a ominous house jam. It’s a little dark, which helps to lure the listener into the aural atmosphere. BLACKVICH created an outstanding remix that takes the original vibe, and shifts it into the mold of a club hit, without relying too much on the original or its own parts. It makes me happy to let you know that a record this good has come out freely. What else would make me happy is if another BLACKVICH tune came out soon..

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