Epic, booming stadium anthems are Delta Heavy‘s bread and butter and their latest release clearly demonstrates that they deserve their reputation; following hot on the heels of their acclaimed Apollo EP, ‘Reborn’ is an emotionally charged drum & bass stunner that you will not only hear, but feel as well. Full of orchestral melodies, beautiful vocals, and shuffling drum beats, the track immediately grabs your attention and draws you into the depths of Delta Heavy‘s stellar production.

As if the original cut of the tune wasn’t enough, the release is accompanied by remixes from Spoils and June Miller, as well as a music video unlike anything you’ve seen before. Directed by Chris Bristow and crafted with help from the ever-imaginative Ian Robertson, the video is a black and white menagerie of eerily beautiful images. Each scene was painstakingly put together using stop-motion animation featuring household objects intertwined with live body parts; it’s truly a visual journey. Check it out after the jump and grab the full release of Delta Heavy‘s ‘Reborn’ on iTunes.


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