It seems like these days musicians are making money doing everything except making music, because who pays for that anymore? In a recently published article, Billboard highlighted some of the top earners in music this year from soda partnerships, including EDM headliners Avicii and Tiesto.

Would you sell your soul to a soda company for $30 million? You can bet Tiesto would.


Now right about now is when people typically like to break out their pitchforks and torches and start shouting “sellout!”, but it’s awfully easy to judge someone’s business decisions behind the safety of your keyboard. Sure, the advertisements are a little cheesy and it’s definitely a shame to see such big players in the electronic industry “selling out” to these corporate giants; But at the same time no one is buying music anymore so these artists have to turn elsewhere to make their nickels. Plus can you honestly tell me that if 7-Up came to you and said, “Hey we’ll pay you $30 million to DJ in front of our banner” that you would say no? I didn’t think so.

Bonus Taylor Swift picture..Because T-Swift