After that classic Saturday Night Live skit, I’ve always thought that no song could ever have enough cowbell. Then Bart B More came along. His latest and most accurately titled track “Cowbell” takes one of the weirder musical instruments and turns it into a ridiculously catchy tune. Before you’re completely turned off from the idea of hearing a cowbell for almost 4 minutes, let me assure you, this is an actual song and not a troll from Bart B More. The track will get you moving immediately and includes a drop that feels almost tribal. Once again, Bart shows off his ability to pull inspiration from anywhere, and that his producing skills are anything but conventional.

But the fun doesn’t just stop there; “Cowbell” also comes with two official remixes from Chocolate Puma and Nom De Strip. Even Chocolate Puma couldn’t help but to call Bart’s track “quirky.” The Dutch duo make it a certified dance floor anthem by adding a more ferocious kick drum, guaranteeing its ability to heat up any club and festival around the world this winter. This is just the latest in a string of successful remixes and collaborations for Chocolate Puma, as they also released “I Can’t Understand” with Firebeatz on Monday.

Also remixing “Cowbell” is Nom De Strip, who takes a much more menacing approach and pushes the limits of just how much is too much cowbell one step further. Just when you’ve thought you’ve had enough, Nom De Strip doubles down on the sample, giving this an even harder drop than the original. In just a short amount of time, Cowbell has received support from HardwellMax Vangeli, and hopefully makes the rounds as the year winds down.

“Cowbell” and its remixes are out now on Rising Music and can be purchased exclusively on Beatport.