One of the biggest songs this year gets even bigger with a remix from David Solano. Taking what made the original so memorable, David crafts his remix into a club ready smashing track. There is a good balance of well thought out breakdowns and thumping drops in this remix. What makes this track exceptionally cool is that it’s not really one genre of house; it takes from different sources to create one comprehensive work of musical art. With the festival style starting to be shied away from, it’s nice to hear something new come out that brings some merit back to styles more closely related to big room. Catch the remix below and purchase the original tune if you have not already.

Remix package will go on sale 11/24 via Big Beat Records
11/29 – Perth, Australia @ Stereosonic
11/30 – Sydney, Australia @ Stereosonic
12/3 – Manila, Philippines @ Raven
12/6 – Melbourne, Australia @ Stereosonic
12/6 – Adelaide, Australia @ Stereosonic
12/7 – Brisbane, Australia @ Stereosonic
12/27 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Mixx
12/28 – Montreal, QC @ New City Gas

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