Everyone who is fan of electronic dance music and its musicians and DJs knows about the infamous DJ Magazine’s list of Top 100 DJs. Every year, fans gather around their laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets and add their top five picks to the DJ Mag and a few months later the results are accounted and a list of the most popular 100 remain. Every new list shows who are some of the most trendy musicians as well as what genres are in style. But one has to wonder, how much of an affect does the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs have in today’s society?

The online Las Vegas travel company Galavantier has decided to make a leap and showcase an infographic displaying the list and comparing it to the Las Vegas club scene and annual festivals. The CEO of Galavantier Marko Greisen believes in the significance of seeing these correlations saying, “It’s important to showcase how DJMag.com’s prolific list of Top 100 DJs for 2014 impacts the electronic music scene in Las Vegas. After diligent research, we have found that Las Vegas is at the epicenter for performances by a majority of these talented DJs. Between many of the DJs displaying their talents at Vegas nightclubs, dayclubs or the 2014 Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), the musical landscape of Las Vegas is leading the charge into the next generation of talent and we’re excited as to what is on the horizon musically for our city and the entertainment scene here.”

Does this mean that DJ Mag’s results are shaping the music scene in Sin City? Check the results below and see for yourself.

Las Vegas Meets The Top 100 DJs

(Photo credit: Hakkasan Las Vegas)