It’s joints like Le Moti‘s “Hush Money,” the title off of their upcoming EP, that restores our faith in underground beat music. As hip hop-based dance tunes are trending toward utilizing more chorus and verse vocal components, and instrumentals become more rare, artists that can really progress the sounds of a strong vibe are standing out amongst the monotonous trap/rap hybrid.

“Hush Money” takes deep breathes through tar ridden lungs from the soulfully sporadic vocal sampling, and an emotive pad that contributes to the sombre quality of the arrangement. The Pittsburgh natives do an excellent job presenting the bounce of their street through their music and this track is one for the early morning vibes or for hammering down the ratchets into submission.

Le Moti’s Hush Money EP will be available on December 15th through Sleeveless Records, so start salivating over this stream below and make sure to rate. | |