Today, we’ve got an extra special piece of music from West coast native turned Brooklyn transplant, M!NT. ‘Out the Vault’, a collaboration with up & coming LA rapper PWEST, is a smooth and melodic crossover between hip-hop and bass music; M!NT‘s pristine soundscapes and driving drum patterns perfectly accentuate the tastefully party-centric vibe provided by PWEST‘s vocals. You can definitely hear the influence of both East and West coast sounds on this track and it makes for a very fun listening experience. And while the song is already attention grabbing on its own, the story behind it is especially cool.


See, despite being a whole country away from each other now, these artists have known each other for years. Both have been steadily making a name for themselves in their respective scenes and PWEST was recently named one of the 10 best rappers in Orange County by OC Weekly. According to M!NT, “This kid is being mentored by some legends right now. We went to high school together, and we’re gonna try to take it to the next level.” A collaboration between the two came naturally, and they chose a 2 year old instrumental M!NT had in his archives to re-imagine together; this makes the title ‘Out the Vault’ especially appropriate, as it is literally straight from his musical vault. Don’t sleep on this one, check out the full stream after the jump and cop that free download!


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