It’s Thirsty Thursday and you need some spiked “Lemonade” from Jace Mek. Los Angeles is home to a ton of talent, with Jace Mek being one of the names in the jungle/dancehall scene that people need to familiarize themselves with. If Major Lazer dropped this Sophie bootleg in a set, I would not be surprised because of how damn dope this is. With his vocal chopping on point and his percussion tight, Jace Mek churns out a party starter that will rock you for three minutes. I wish it was longer, but that is what the repeat button is for. For DJs looking to liven their set up with something a little different, then you should grab this free download. For people who are just listening, take this with you wherever you wanna get a little wild. Expect more goodies from Jace Mek as he continues to grind away in the studio.

Free Download