Do you like your music raw and your bass heavy? Then San Diego badman DJ Pound is a name you need to know! His latest release on the ever forward thinking Saturate! Records imprint is some of the best grime infused trap we’ve ever heard.

DJ Pound never holds back on his tracks and the Thought Machine EP is no different. Booming 808s, grimy 8-bit synths, and aggressive, shuffling drum patterns are all on display here and the combined effect is a swirling maelstrom of body shaking bass music. It’s truly impressive how much ground this talented producer manages to cover in just 4 tracks; you’ll hear sounds and styles from across the spectrum of heavier electronica, with grime & purple heavily influencing the mix. And as if DJ Pound‘s original tunes weren’t enough, the EP also includes a slew of epic remixes from underground heavyweights like Mad ZachBOATSDoshy, and The OriGinALz. You definitely don’t want to be caught sleeping on this release, so check out our favorite track from Thought Machine after the jump and grab the full release as a name-your-price download on Saturate! RecordsBandcamp page.


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