So here it is, this week wraps up the month of November for weekly rounds, come next week, the second monthly round of the Dubstep and Drum & Bass rotation of Fresh Face Friday will be amongst us all. With that being said, have a listen and vote for your favorite Bass producer!

Struxnet – Jedi Flip

While adding a anthem like chord progression, Strux honestly takes you on a journey, as this song as your guide, with an amazing blend of dance leads and growls and deep plucks. With an exponential amount of potential, Struxnet take production takes the production value of by quite a few notches.

Struxnet on Facebook & Twitter

Farmhouse – Tragedy

Residing in the bay area, Ryan of Farmhouse who once was a “shredding guitar” fiend has cooled his jets and since pursuing his solo work as the alias Farmhouse, has come up with some brilliant dance music. His unique approach to producing, as he told me, “I start tracks – just listening to a metronome and scrolling through tempos until I decide”, is very interesting and creative. He doesn’t associate with any one genre, but loves trying out new things and hacking away until it’s finished.

Farmhouse on Facebook

 AndroBit РVillains

A lover of “crossblending” genres, and you can certainly here that in his productions, Andre has that sound that everyone looks for in their music; and nails it while incorporating sometimes unconventional sounds and riffs. Hailing from LA, the man himself his very driven to succeeding and will be a good match up for all his counter parts in this week of Fresh Face Friday.

AndroBit on Facebook & Twitter

Have a listen, cast your vote, and sit back and wait to see one these young lads take flight up through the Fresh Face Friday competition.

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-Chris W-