For those of you keeping track, Money Sucks, Friends Rule was released less than a month ago. For most producers, that would mean a nationwide tour or something of the sort, along with months of pushing and promotion of the album. Not for Dillon Francis, though. For Dillon, an album seemed to be just another release as he has already announced a new EP on the horizon featuring a collaboration with none other than Skrillex.

Even more than that, the EP will be all moombahton, a genre that has largely seen a decrease in popularity and prevalence in the past couple of years. If there’s anyone now that can revitalize the genre and bring it back to the forefront of attention, it would be Dillon Francis.

Below, you can check out the ID with Skrillex as well as the aforementioned EDC Vegas performance, with the track right at the beginning.


H/T: thissongissick