(Photo by: Danh Le)

Michelle Casares, better known as Lady Casa and co-founder of PLUR Warriors will be our next guest on Aspire to Inspire Live. To those who are unfamiliar, Lady Casa serves as a symbol of love and positivity in the EDM community. Even though people within and outside of our community possess mixed feelings about her character and notoriety, she too has an inspiring story to tell…just like everyone else. No matter your opinions, I encourage you to put them aside and come listen to her story.

In this live stream, Michelle will discuss her childhood dreams of becoming an entertainer and movie star, and will then share her early decision to pursue a career in medicine instead. She then will go onto discuss leaving the medical field behind and following her true passion – becoming an entertainer. Michelle will talk about the discrimination she faced throughout her childhood for her parents getting a divorce and for having a gay parent. As a result of this discrimination, she has maintained an open mind and does her absolute best to refrain from judging others.

Every startup faces challenges. The Lady Casa/PLUR Warriors brands are no different. Therefore, she will discuss with us her personal challenges and insecurities with running a sustainable business. Additionally, she will share the purpose of both brands and will reveal to us her overall vision.

This 26-year-old is not just a figurehead in our community because of her beauty, but because she represents something greater than herself.

Come get inspired with us and catch Michelle Casares (aka Lady Casa) on Aspire to Inspire Live (via YourEDM.com) Tuesday, November 25th at 8pm EST.