I’m not generally a fan of most house music, but I like to think that I have an ear for good music when it presents itself to me. Today’s example comes to us as a work from Yoann Feynman and Monomotion as a 2-track EP on Fake Music. It has the kind of deep thundering sound that I love to hear in bass music, but the weird little idiosyncrasies that make house music of this variety so palatable.

This reminds me of a cross between The M Machine and Oliver, in that almost futuristic French house vibe. The subtle, almost apocalyptic vocal samples in “Noir” give a deep layer of sinister intent, while the horns are a very nice addition to the overall mix. While “Noir” is only a disappointing 2:41 long, the second track takes a bit more time at 3:49 to give us a deeper look into the style of these two artists. Starting off with an interesting synth loop and blending in the layers one by one, the silence before the drop is breathtaking. This track especially exhibits that Oliver-esque style of house, with harshly distorted synths and a bouncy rhythm characteristic of French house.

This is a great pair of tunes for casual listening and for the club, as well. You can get your copy on iTunes.