David Guetta’s new album Listen does everything it sets out to. The album is very much focused on and centered towards a mainstream mass appeal, with each and every song featuring a collaboration from either a producer or vocalist. David has mentioned this would be a departure from the sounds he was known for and in some ways he did live up to that. Tracks like “Dangerous” and “Hey Mama” take a stark contrast and showcase sounds not currently heard in the mainstream of electronic. As a whole, the album was enjoyable and a strong effort from Guetta. It’s an album that you should go into with an open mind and the understanding that it is made for a widespread audience.

EDM.com was able to speak to Guetta about the album and his influences and reasoning behind it.

“It’s my most personal album lyrically, which is why I called it Listen. Dance too, but really it’s from the heart I always want to use the success of the night to show new talents or DJs that I love. I think it’s really important for the people to have other music than just me; it’s good to show them something else.”

Guetta’s last album Nothing But The Beat was released in 2012 and did very well in the charts, reaching #1 in more than one region. His wide appeal will likely entice listeners once again, though up against Calvin Harris’ Motion, it’s difficult to say whose will come out on top. But it seems that Guetta is more focused on musical excellence than chart success this time around.

“I think for me, it’s more about everyone participating and building a stone to create this big beautiful house. I’ve been through a moment where this music was not getting enough attention, so I’m still in that state of mind like ‘okay, if many of us are successful, then it makes all of us stronger because our music stays relevant and big.’ That’s what I want. Creating combinations between genres that are not supposed to mix together has been my success, I am coming with a new album that’s completely different than that, and people are going to be surprised.”

The peak of Guetta’s notoriety this year, however, happened back in July when during a livestream of Tomorrowland, he happened to just stare into space for a couple minutes.

“I think it happens to everyone to be in his own thoughts for thirty seconds. I thought it was really funny and ridiculous. Yes, I am in my thought for a minute and yes, I am probably very tired, like I am right now, because I do 150 shows a year and I am making an album. I do not sleep much.”

That about covers it. Lack of sleep and just being in your own headspace, when coupled with a worldwide livestream and a bunch of people with access to meme generators, can produce some long-lasting funny results. But that’s all it really was.

Photo Credit : Rukes