It seemed like something from a dream, when my editor reminded me this early east coast afternoon about the preview of an unreleased collaboration between Sonny Moore aka Skrillex and Chris Emerson aka Emoh Instead, one half of  What So Not, that premiered last night via Run The Trap. Tripping on tryptophan, reading Word Up magazine or something, but as it seems, these dreams really do come true.

Especially when Skrillex popped into George FM Selectah, New Zealand’s premier radio show for what seemed like a somewhat impromptu takeover. We find out that Skrilly has been playing live with the likes of Jack Beats, a little Jack U news, and that Sonny apparently smells of sweet patchouli oil.

Last but the opposite of last, Emoh Instead joined Skrillex in the studio to drop a preview of this new track they’ve been working on with What So Not. “Goh,” as this WIP is entitled, features vocals from KLP, Australian who sings on, “Jaguar,” by What So Not. It comes in around 10:30 on this Skrillex Takover, which is worth a listen in its entirety.

“That’s all you get,” Sonny lets us know, as the track is cut off, as it is unfinished. We don’t get much more information about it, but can hope its release in full will come soon, possibly on the What So Not’s forthcoming EP.

Streams removed as per requested by Atlantic Records