Moombahton has “All My Love.” It literally does now, because Kapo decided to flip the Hunger Games tune that was originally created by Major Lazer and Ariana Grande. The intro does a great job of luring the listener in, and of course the beautiful voice of Ariana has some role to play in grabbing your attention. The first drop is more along the lines of moombahcore, but the Kapo doesn’t take the sexy out of the sound, which makes for a really good tune. He could have just copied and slapped the whole arrangement over to the second drop, but instead he takes things to a more traditional Kapo style and closes things out strong. With moombah bubbling again, tunes like this could be coming out of the woodwork fast. Let’s only hope that they are equally as good as this gem. Get your download for free and if you haven’t checked out the previous work of Kapo, please do yourself a favor and run through his discography.

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