Bass house vibes get all the yesses, more than two thumbs up from this guy. Trends suggest that this sector of electronic music will show even more shine in the coming year, along with tropical bass and deep house. If there is one thing we got from Meghan Trainor this year, it’s that it’s all about that bass. 808s were made for soothing, happy trails to you and yours.

As winter dawns, these genres give warmth to even the frigid east coast. Bass house music from the likes of Canadian duo Kayliox is chill as fuck like the polar vortex about to consume us over here. In one breath, frost easily turns to steam as the sexy lyrics and voices  in this remix of Ne-Yo feat. Juicy J’s, “She Knows,” heat up even the most polar of vortexes, sending you to a tropical paradise in your mind. It is sort of like your favorite Katy Perry song, but with less emotional angst and more luaus and leis. Just imagine your feet in clear waters on hot sand with the baselines kicking so hard, the vibes turn into good vibrations with this remix.

It originally premiered on The Music Ninja, and we’re bringing this free download to your attention.


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