The theme song for the new season of “American Horror Story” is a twisted trap joint about love in relation to a carousel at a carnival. Now my first time hearing this track, I was watching vines on Facebook. And I remember searching at least 200 hundred comments for the track ID which I did finally; and since then this song has been on replay.

The song I am talking about is, “Carousel” by Melanie Martinez. Now this track has become one of my go-to tracks because it is both very bass heavy, and the lyrics are very meaningful. It is not your typical trap, ” featuring where you’d find this one” or “Run The Trap” samples, although those are still dope, but “Carousel” combines an amazing beat with vocals that, if you listen, are very powerful.

Now it’s because of the above that I thought this track could never be remixed or outdid. But it wasn’t until just a few days ago that the homies SNBRN gave it a deep house kind of feel to totally change my mind. Keeping all the vocal samples just right and still sampling the French horn, these guys did a fantastic job of remixing this track.

Have a listen below and tell us what you think!

 -chris w-