Woke up like this:

It’s early evening now, and this east coaster is trying to wiggle a way out to LA in less than two weeks because for the first time on the west coast, all that baby making music will be live and b2b and it is like backwards excitement because all that magic in one place is going to be impressionable at the very least.

That is one word that aptly defines this collective, built from roots pure and heavenly. Equal parts governing a huge chunk in magical cyberspace, these characters are now coming to life in cities near you. Well, if Los Angeles is near you.

If not, you can still vibe with the Moving Castle family and its extensions with all of the music they’ve released. Their social medias are blowing up with love and support for the most recent volume of their ambient, feel good sounds. We had the review here first, but check it here #ICYMI. Every last one of these artists is anonymous superhero, and YourEDM approved.

We have nothing but love for all these dudes, and everyone in Los Angeles who can attend this show would behoove themselves to do so, and take pictures, and send them to me on all social media platforms cause east coast sad boy right now. AOBeats, Hunt for the Breeze, Manila Killa, and Robokid are just a few of the stars from the collective’s compilation volumes literally breaking the internet, and they will all be in one place for this show on December 13.

Oh, I forgot to mention that their music and this show are totally flipping free.

RSVP: <- bring friends it’s free!

Photo Credit: Moving Castle