This piece is a back-to-back feature, with tracks from Swagglerock, homies from Buffalo, NY making some serious house+trap beats to keep them cozy in the frightful weather that will soon trap them in their houses. Not the trap or the house they are into, either. Lucky for us, their fire is so delightful we will have some heavy tunage to bounce to because we all know Winter is Coming.

One-half of this duo goes by the alias Shooter McNappin, and on his most recent release is an edit of the Baauer remix of Flosstradamus’s “Rollup.” We should all bow down to the king of edits as we listen to this song, and give prayer hands to McNappin, easily editing royalty if not the god of edits. Production and composition even in the dopest of edits can fall on deaf, dumb, and blind ears, reminding us that we could all stand to watch even a YouTube video or two on how those logistics work. We could maybe gain a better understanding of the merit of this music we treasure so dearly.

Shooter’s edit of this track needs not come with an extensive instruction manual to understand how intricately this track is edited. He brings forth some of the background noise from the original track and adds dirty house baselines to it. Then, the best part, is that Shooter McNapping puts five on it. This hip hop classic is a perfect EDITion to the original. Everybody should put in their fives and rollup to this, because Shooter nails this track with crisp, clean production bringing together and old and older track to make some nu nu from it.

If he didn’t like napping so much, it would behoove him to change his name to Shooter McSnappin, cause he goes mental on this track. Rollup by clicking that link in Soundcloud to download this track for free.

We got 5 on it.


When Shooter is away, probably rolling up or sleeping or too baked to make dope music, Buzz Trillington will play. He has been talking about maybe giving the world a sample of just how well he does so, maybe spinning a DJ set online or something as this bear is forced to stay hibernating in mountainous upstate New York. It would be dope if he did so, ahem.

Nothing like the cold weather to wake up the bear in all of us. A house music bear that is spinning this dope as party in a monster’s belly. Buzz’s mighty roar cannot and will not be contained by the inclement weather though, and Buzz also released a track last night for our listening pleasure. This dope ass bootleg last night, Father x iLoveMakonnen x Key! entitled “Look At Wrist,” with a caption reading ‘Wrist Times 6.’ House, deep house, hip hop, track all rolled into one. It feels like something that was bumping in clubs ten years ago, but with a flavor that shows off Buzz’s equal editing/bootlegging abilities and superior production skills. This track is also available for free DL.


Just wanna get down low, bounce up and down, and smile while shrugging shoulders to the beat of both of these tunes. Together, they are like some kind of undiscovered supergroup with the best aliases in the industry. Swagglerock is the most fun gibberish to say, inciting an immediate need to dance your cares away to some dope bass music, trap+house music, sick AF music.

Shooter will be the first to admit he loves naps, a little hibernation is good for the bears, these beasts of their trade. Just don’t sleep on these guys too long, cause if this is the first you are hearing of them, it’s already almost too late.

Awaken the beast in you with these two and in no time you’ll be screaming ‘Guess I got my Swaggle Back!‘ from the rooftops.

Photo Credit: Swagglerock’s Facebook Page