If you don’t know who 813 is, you are doing something wrong. If you only know Azealia Banks from the single “212,” you’re everyone in the universe. She is an aggro as f**k, very beautiful bad bitch hailing from Harlem, who brought back the Mickey Mouse t-shirt/sweatshirt/best-of-all sweater with that video featuring Lazy-J. She actually has a track with Diplo as well,  and ironically these guys have some affiliation with the indie label off his mega-label Mad Decent.

Their music is funky and tribal, along with a whole mess of the bassline genres in this electronic world. Moscow, Russia is their hometown, and it is easy to see the eastern European influence in their sound. Like heart-pumping, brain-thumping beats that pump blood to the cold hearts, turn frost to sweat dripping off the skin of club goers all over 813’s homeland. Dingy clubs, upbeat in the in the darkest of despairs because of the music of 813.

Dirty and sweet at once is what this music is, another irony being that those two adjectives pretty much sum up the image of Azealia Banks. Her dirty, raunchy, downright nasty side is best portrayed through her music, because it seems in real life her personality lacks the sultry sugar of her sound. While that hasn’t fared well for the outspoken Banks, her voice grooves to the likes of 813. She is no doubt talented, and 813 put her voice against tribal house beats which is the perfect fit for these groovy, sexy vocals.

Download it for free, and remember why you love Azelia Banks.