Going Quantum has taken a lengthy sabbatical to focus on the Going Quantum Podcast as well as working as the Head of Music for Monstercat. Among other things, this means that his sound has had time to mature and grow. Personally, when I step away from an activity for a while to focus on other endeavors, when I return to aforementioned activity, I’m inexplicably better at it. Without any scientific evidence pointing to a massive sound design transplant to Mr. Quantum, I have to believe that is the case here.

“Raw” is heavy, heavy darkness and ominous synths. While the track is ambiguously trap, the dark vibes and heavy bass suggest a new style. Without becoming a serious hipster or anything, I’ll just call this variant a “dark trap” and be done with it. It’s got the cosmic sound of Captain Panic! with the raw talent (excuse the pun) of any of the best newcomer trap producers.

Without assuming too much, I’ll just end this by saying that I hope GQ has got the production itch again and maybe we’ll be seeing more from him in the near future.