No one can really deny that the ’90s are the decade embodiment of bump n’ grind. The era of slow and sexy RnB and easy living. One such musical gem leftover from the smooth and sensual ’90s, No Diggity by Blackstreet just got a 2014 redux that embodies the groovy and dancematic era of EDM.

Figgy the East cost overdose, delivered an absolutely phenomenal and iconic tune with his rework of No Diggity. His simple pluck bass rings true with the piano groove and vocal sampling. With the original kicked up a notch (still somewhat reserved by most house tempo standards) to a blistering 117 BPM, Figgy works the absolute loving shit out of the groove. Followed by a bridge that can be described as nothing less than ‘fire,’ the vocal loop reunites with the beat to create perfect house harmony. Check the tune out below and grab a free download.


Blackstreet – No Diggity (Figgy Remix)