This week has taken a turn for one of the most interesting two interviews I’ve seen Dillon Francis in (and trust me there’s plenty). From being mind-blown by Nardwuar and making an IKEA bed with LA Weekly, the moombahton master returns in a two new interviews a day apart from each other. Both take place in a one and only cat café in Montreal, Quebec called Le Café Des Chats.

The first interview was for a PausePlay and conducted with Thee Zac Monson. In the interview, Dillon divulges into his beginnings from his initial love with electronic music to how he began to produce music. Thee Zac Monson then asks Dillon Francis about his album collaborations and how a few of them came to be while cats walked around disrupting the interview. When they got back on track, Dillon shared the fact that he and Australian synthpop band Strange Talk have a new song together and how he came to find out about them. If you want to hear more of Dillon Francis’ interview in cat heaven, check the video below and prepare for thirteen minutes of music, best-friends, banned hotel-lists, and much more.

The second interview took place the very next day in the same café but was conducted with Mr. Wavvy and although was not as lengthy as the other, disclosed about plenty of unreleased music Dillon has been working on and when each will see release dates. In the four minute interview, Dillon talked about his upcoming moombahton EP, some tunes that didn’t make the final cut of his debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule, and his latest collaborations with Skrillex, Kygo, and What So Not. As they discussed all this new tunes, cats walked around and bit Dillon over and over.

Photo credit: Shane McCauley