Well, I’m not even really sure where to start with this one. For context, let’s look back to when Section Z began a remix contest for “dick room house,” a track that sampled some random guy’s dick hitting a toilet seat.

This might be weirder than that.

In the infinite combinations of sounds and effects that make up the entirety of electronic dance music, from samples of doors closing to horns honking to birds flapping their wings, there has to be some respect for the more natural processes and their inherent beauty. Or at least, MAKJ would like to think so.


MAKJ released a track on Spinnin’ the other day titled “Generic” because he says, “Every DJ would say, ‘This sounds pretty generic,’ so that’s what I named the track. Some people are laughing about it and other people are saying it sucks giant cock.” As far as genesis stories go, this one is pretty tame. However, we have to wonder why a label would even release this.

THUMP interviewed MAKJ as part of the track’s release and got some really interesting answers.

Is “Generic” a parody? 
I want to say yes, but I want to say no. It’s one of the best songs in my set. It’s the kind of song you show to your mom and dad after they listen to four other songs in the Beatport Top 10, and they would not know the difference. It’s not a parody… but it kind of is. 

You’ve had a bunch of songs chart in the Beatport Top 10, like “Countdown” with Hardwell, “Derp” with Bassjackers, “Go” with Showtek and M35, and “Encore” with Henry Fong. How would you respond to people who say that you’re kind of biting the hand that feeds you?  
I’m just showing how it’s really easy to make this music. People are trying to figure out the formula to my music. I’m not trying to say fuck you, but kids don’t really know the difference between DJing and playing the top ten records. That’s why [the dance music world] is so saturated. Steve Angello just did a good interview about the club scene and how kids are getting pushed straight to the festivals. I started playing in sororities and frats, bars and clubs, then festivals. You have to pay your dues. 

Notice that none of the tracks mentioned are solo productions? The question asks if he’s biting the hand that feeds, but he responds with “it’s really easy to make this music.” Either MAKJ is terrible at interviewing, or he’s World Champion at putting his foot in his mouth.


Photo Credit: THUMP