Kid Cudi is an artist that will forever be in my library. I can say the same is likely for SomeoneHad2DoIt, a mysterious act who recently flipped “Pursuit Of Happiness” from the Man on the Moon: The End of Day album. I was highly intrigued when I saw this was uploaded to Soundcloud, because for one the original is an interesting song and two, I had figured it would be deep house given the short history of SomeoneHad2DoIt. The verdict is in with two thumbs up coming from yours truly. They manage to create a production that is sonically similar to other deep tracks, but they are able to take things a step further, most notably with their basslines whose identity changes as the song progresses. There’s a slight tech feel to this too, and even though that’s not my area of expertise, I like it all the same. This single dropped as a freebie, so don’t be shy.

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