Welcome to the third installment of Your EDM‘s Tech Selections! I’m Andrew Quigley, and from this point on, I’ll be taking over this series with the best and brightest in Tech House, Techno and Deep Progressive! Now, we move onto Saturdays so that we can provide the perfect warm up for your wild Saturday nights in the club. Hold tight as I take you through a wild ride of decadent grooves and silky vibes throughout the entire underground spectrum.



1. Dany Deep- Take Over (Original Mix) [Inside Label]

Born and raised in the exotic streets of Venezuela, Dany Deep certainly knows how to keep a rhythm going with his unique brand of Techno infused Tribal House. His new original entitled Take Over is filled to the brim with grumbling basslines, wicked grooves and a razor sharp edge that exudes a certain bite throughout the piece’s multilateral rhythms. The crisp percussions compliment the basslines well and the atmosphere is firmly established through subtle nuances peppered throughout the track. Definitely a straight fire chugger of a piece here.



2. Detroit Swindle- Unfinished Business (Original Mix) [Freerange Records]

Although based in The Netherlands, it is no surprise that these talented twosome can resurrect the wondrous House vibes of Detroit through their own curated brand of delicious House music. There’s only one word to describe this track by Detroit Swindle and that is sexy. Unfinished Business is chock full of ass wiggling synths and soulful vocals and the percussion game is seriously on point with snappy, almost militaristic beats. Perfect for the opening set and great for reliving the classic days of old, these two do their best to bring the spirit of Detroit into your own living room.






3. Miguel Reis- Classic Motherfucker Record (Original Mix) [Piston Recordings]

This is probably one of my all time favorite House/Techno tracks of the moment, and for good reason; this track is straight fire! Featuring the spoken vocals of an OG cat that talks about how race was irrelevant in the making of good music, the chunky, yet funky vibes of warehouse basslines and smacking basskicks definitely feels like we dug up a particularly golden nugget from the dusty vinyl collection to enjoy. Miguel ReisClassic Motherfucker Record is crafted in a way to surprise and delight at every turn and phrase, and the sheer aspect of craftsmanship is enough to make anyone dance in their seats, (or on the dancefloor!).






4. Eric Sneo- Going On (Gaga Remix) [Transmit Recordings]

I’ve been a huge, huge fan of Eric Sneo from way way back in the day and I am pleasantly surprised to see him succeeding in his new venture into Techno, which was a bold choice to make considering it is not the style that he started out with. While his original mix of Going On is stellar in its own right, we here at Tech Selections are more inclined to feature the fiery Gaga remix with its dubby arrangement construction and brilliant infusion of Tech House and Techno. The grooves and vibes are within the laidback style of Tech House, but the basslines and crushing percussion sections scream Techno. This is seriously a hot track to own for your underground collection.






5. M.I.D.I.- Hannie Frog (Axel Karakasis Remix) [Respekt Recordings]

Axel Karakasis has always been synonymous with creating some truly fearful Techno, and in this remix to M.I.D.I.‘s Hannie Frog, he does not disappoint with his fierce drive and cunning orchestration. This is straight laced, no frills Techno here, and the pure, raw energy that exudes from this simplistic and minimalistic bassline is a productionary deat that further exemplifies his rugged craftsmanship. While the bassline remains smooth and in control, the raging timbres and percussion sections hint at a more manic and demonic prescense that lies dormant within the track’s constructions.






6. Hiroaki Iizuka- The Run (J.Tijn Remix) [Them Records]

While these two artists may be a mystery to us here in the states, there is no denying that POWERFUL bassline that exists in The Run. While it might sound like those subkicks that are done to death with Prog House on a regular basis at first, its lone, ever consuming bass power works wonder within a Techno setting, especially later in the piece. Each section is more different than the last, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this fantastic piece.






Thank you for joining us on another addition of Tech Selections! Tune in next Saturday as this will now be on a weekly basis to satisfy your eager, underground cravings. Until next time.


Keep the music alive. – Q


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