You may not have heard of Chicago-bred, now Philadelphia based Kevin Focus, but you’ve certainly heard of the people backing him. Dim Mak Records, Armada Music, Skrillex, and many more have already supported Kevin’s music.

Describing himself as a “genre-blending solo project”, his music is best described as energetic, differing from the norm, and well mixed and mastered. His new release “Knife Meeting You (Original Mix)” certainly can get you moving as it mixes in from deep house vocals, drops heavy, travels through an atmospheric break beat, and back to a massive big-room sound. Claiming to have a lot of music to give away that was not provided by his many labels in the past, this song is only first in the series. Best part is – he wants to continue to give them away for free! Free is always good, right? Check the tune out below and cop a free download.