Now now, don’t be alarmed, it’s Monday and I know you were looking forward to some up and coming bass music to listen to. Thankfully Fresh Face Friday is here to assist you in that. This week we are featuring Dubstep of course, but a little complextro too. Take a half hour out of your day to listen and vote for your favorite Fresh Face Friday competitor.

Frostbyte – Olympia

With a funky bass intro and an eerie lead progression, Frostbyte winds this one through an ambient pad to drop into an emotionally driven progression of synths and bells.

SuperSonicMusic – Transient

Featuring monster bass and nasty growls, “Transient” takes you through a vast wasteland of monster and demon like sounds before changing direction into a fast paced Drum & Bass progression.

Sean Gold – Weeds

Our most intricate submission for this week, Sean Gold delivers quite the complex track to be featured on Fresh Face Friday. With growls that remind me of Virtual Riot’s, “Weeds” is quite endearing in terms of its melody but never loses its aggressive edge throughout.

So there you go, hope you all are having a sweet Monday. If not, let this be your outlet to clear up those Monday blues by voting for your favorite Fresh Face Friday bass producer. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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-chris w-