After a successful string of shows back home at Stereosonic 2014Will Sparks has just one last task before taking the rest of the year off: the release of his Another Land EP. This 8-track compilation puts the cherry on an incredibly successful year, both for Sparks and for Melbourne Bounce, which has been one of the breakout genres of 2014.

The EP opens with “Bourne,” a crowd pleasing, traditional Bounce track. Unlike most breakout tracks of this genre, “Another Land” actually features vocals, a refreshing change up for fans who enjoy singing along to their favorite songs. Along that same vein, Sparks gives us something completely different with “Kerfu.” It’s no secret that Sparks can produce other styles, as he recently admitted in an interview with Your EDM that he was planning to release tracks that weren’t just Melbourne Bounce. “Kerfu” is a complete departure; a midtempo, mellow track to break up the norm. This and “Myriad” provide a perfect balance to “Bourne” and “Another Land,” really proving that Will Sparks is an exceptional producer.

Will’s collaboration with Samual James “Myriad” also stands out in a big way on the EP, as it has an incredible, almost cinematic build complete with big drums before seamlessly transitioning to a Bounce drop. He also collaborates with 16 year-old Danny David from Israel for “Brain Washer”, who Will has personally deemed someone to keep an eye on in 2015. Like “Another Land,” “Next to You” is enhanced with vocals, this time female instead of male. If there is to be continued success for the genre, one would imagine it will come from the use of more vocal tracks instead of instrumentals. But that’s not to say instrumentals are getting stale, as evidenced in “Here We Go,” and the final track “Psycho,” which keeps things interesting with a much faster pace, toying a fine line between bounce and psytrance. Overall, Another Land is a well produced 8-track EP, truly showcasing Will Sparks’ diversity. By adding new elements, Sparks constantly paves the way for the breakout Melbourne Bounce movement.

Another Land is out now on Ultra Records and can be downloaded exclusively on iTunes.