One version of “Hurricane” isn’t enough, so The Brig decided to create a VIP for the song, and premiere it right here. The original was a part of the Black Pearl EP, but the multi-genre VIP will come out on December 17th on the Black Pearl Remixes EP with another single we recently premiered from Twine. Dubstep to drum & bass is always a good decision, which is just one of the reasons this track is straight fire. It gets down to business and doesn’t let up; the three and a half minutes are full of edgy energy and a ton of bass. Like, more than is necessary, but that’s totally fine by me. I’m sure you won’t mind either. “Hurricane” really does feel like a storm with all the crazy sounds that are raining down upon the listener, but this is one storm I don’t mind getting in the middle of. Since the song isn’t out yet, this is just the beginning. Once it’s fully out, there’s no telling what damage The Brig could do.