After the classical chart-topping (Soundcloud) release of “Au Revoir” the only anticipation for the world of Stereoshock was: what could possibly come next? Well, today the young Josh Cohen has delivered in a most spectacular fashion with another free record that will leave you questioning your mere existence.

“A Chapter Lost In Us” is the perfect follow up to what was my favorite track from Stereoshock; and has quickly claimed that crown. Whatever imagery that it deposes of in you, I can guarantee it’s epic, gripping, and soars loftier than any other cinematic-electronic record you’ve heard. I have full faith that this music holds more permanence that nearly anything else in the electronic music sphere, and will be heard in movies, commercials, and other mediums quite soon.

Let yourself go during these four minutes, and enjoy the waves of strings and complex synth orchestras as they wash over you; you won’t regret it.

Heart this beautiful piece on Hypem and download it for yourself here.