(Photo By: Dave & Kathy Vitkus)

What started as a dull group project assignment transformed into a pretty humorous, yet educational video from the guys over at Sokko & Lyons. You might ask yourself, why the hell am I posting this? To be honest I thought I’d ask myself the same question. I mean come on, Molly? We’re at this topic again? We’ve already beaten a dead horse with the Molly and drug subject, haven’t we?

Well, if you think that then you don’t have to proceed.

But wait…who are Sokko & Lyons? Okay so first let me give you a brief introduction to their story. Alex Sacco and Doug Lyons are just two college students studying at the University of Oregon. They’ve been producing together for just over a year. They dabble in a bunch of different genres, but stick mainly to the electro/progressive house sound. Like a lot of other young producers out there they are self-managed, which means they have to try to balance their hefty course load, their production sessions, and getting their music out to anyone and everyone in the music industry. I’m sure some of you reading this can empathize.

Pro-tip: why not kill two birds with one stone? Or in this case, three birds. [I’m terrified of birds so the more the merrier…wow that was cynical.] Not only did Alex (Doug is not in this course with him) get an A on his Comedy in the Media group project from creating this PSA video, but it also shows you Doug and Alex’s personality, music, and values. Win. Win. Win.

These kids have a sense of humor, they produce some pretty dope music, and oh yeah, they don’t condone the use of drugs. In fact, when performing they don’t even drink because they want to perform to the best of their abilities. Additionally, they want to show people that they can have a good time without the use of substances. You think it’s awkward being in the crowd and trying to dance? Imagine being on stage. Sober. But guess what? They don’t care. They aren’t afraid to be themselves while on stage and that’s why this video is worth sharing. And because it’s freaking hilarious of course.

If you don’t believe me, feel free to check it out for yourself.

Disclaimer: Yes, that is a fifth of Grey Goose (filled with water actually), but Alex is of legal age anyways. He still doesn’t drink while performing. Promise.

They understand that they can’t prevent you from doing drugs, but they want to share this video with you to educate you on the dangers of substance abuse and promote safe practices if you choose to partake in these activities. I mean, why not add some humor to a taboo subject?