It’s always nice to speak to developing artists who are beginning to carve out their careers. This week saw the debut single from Ownglow drop on Pilot Records, two sides of shimmering liquid drum & bass. We caught up with Sam Reeves, the man behind the name, to speak a little bit about his new single and where he sees himself heading in the future.

What is the story behind Pilot Records picking up this release?

I was shopping around the record for a few months, getting a few interests, but no response when I sent it to my homie Sam. He shot it over to Pilot and the rest is history, I’m so excited to be working with them!

Where did the name Ownglow stem from?

I was in the midst of a really depressive part of my life when nothing was going right, and with the help of my friend Jessie I realised I had to stop being so negative and start taking the positive from the experience. I started Ownglow originally as an outlet for me to give those emotions to the public. Ownglow represents the thing that keeps you motivated and keeps you sane – in my case it was drum and bass, it kept me alive and wanting to write music. It was my light, or my glow. To everyone it’s different, but everyone has their own glow, and they pursue it.

Would you ever collaborate with a vocalist in the future?

Currently working on this. Vocals are one of my favourite parts of music, so a definite YES!

Is there one club around the world that you most want to play at?

I’ve never been to far into club culture, never gone to any really, but I would love so much to perform at Fabric in London. That venue is absolutely historic…

Finally, apart from your own, what tune is smashing it for you right now?

Ulterior Motive – “Sideways”. An absolutely unreal tune, play it everywhere I go. Incredible job guys!

You can grab “Gold/Tension” here.