The progressive power of Nicky Romero has catapulted the young star into several number 1 hits and has helped cement his presence in the current EDM scene. In the past few months, Nicky has been somewhat quiet from the news circuit, but it was simply so he could focus on music and his career. Now, he is back with his latest rendition of “18” by One Direction.

Working with One Direction vocals was an obvious match for Nicky and the results are a testament to that. The powerful builds we’ve come to expect from Nicky Romero lead into a drop that is sure to be a charter around the world. Combining forces with One Direction was a smart move by Nicky and the results are pretty amazing. No Soundcloud link is available yet, but you can be rest assured you will be hearing plenty more of this track.

Besides the fact that DJ’s performing one track on TV looks painfully awkward, Nicky Romero still got his chance to preview his new remix to One Direction for all to watch:

UPDATE: Nicky Romero states that while it is indeed his edit of the track, it doesn’t look like there’s any chance of it being officially released.

Photo credit: Rukes