Ozone by iZotope has been one of the leading, if not the leading, mastering suite available on the market for producers to utilize. Late in October, the sixth edition of Ozone was released to the public with a whole new look. After having gone through it I have seen that the goods are still there and Ozone is only making things better, which includes getting rid of that silly reverb module. We’re going to be over some of the highlights that are worth mentioning, and then a short promotional video will add in some further facts about the software.

Not that we’re all about money, but I think the first thing that should be mentioned are the prices. A $249 USD version is available, and then Ozone Advanced is the more expensive option coming in at $999. Don’t let that discourage you, because with how powerful this tool is, the cost is worth it if you have the cash.

The most glaring difference is the new crisp look. The interface isn’t green everywhere anymore; rather, a muted theme consumes the product, which can be used as a standalone application, or a plug-in. What’s cool about this product is you can do mastering of multiple tracks on one session. This makes it a hell of a lot easier if you are someone who is mastering an LP or a large EP. You have the option of using Ozone as a third party plug-in, but one of the major additions to the product is that you can load other VST/AU plug-ins into Ozone itself. How neat is that?

This addition was made simpler by the new modules section of the suite. Instead of clicking on and off the different modules, you simply have put together a chain of only the modules you want to use. This gives you power to control the audio signal’s path as it comes in and moves out of Ozone. Like I mentioned earlier, they decided to remove the reverb module, which is only a bad thing for people who used the standalone module for single sounds in their works (although, reverb capabilities are still present). What the reverb module was indirectly, or possibly directly, replaced with is a dynamic EQ, however a normal EQ is still available to use as well.

Digital and analog options are available for the modules, with mid-side processing also being a function that can be enabled. For further precision, you an edit/cut the waveform directly with Surgical Mode. Need to check the mix in mono? No problem, you can do that at the press of a button. Fucked up and wish you could go back in time to two minutes ago? Ozone 6 keeps a list of all the things you have clicked or changed.

We can talk about the product all day, but when it comes down to it, you’ll only know awesome it is by experiencing it yourself. It’s easy to use, and iZotope has done a great job to improve an already impressive software. Whether you are a producer who is looking to get extreme control over their sound, or someone who is looking to just get a grasp of mastering, Ozone 6 is what you are looking for. Aside from my review, and the following video, the iZotope website is stocked with information about the product if you would like to know more before making the commitment of a purchase. To do any of that, head over to their website, linked below.

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