To quote fellow journalist Hunter Thompson (no “S.”), who brought this track to light in his Run the Trap writeup, this Killagraham (of Milo & Otis) and Kaskade collab came out of nowhere, but they did an exceptional job with it. Nowhere is the only place this seemingly random collaboration could have been birthed. It seems though, in the corners of the mind untapped or from those places unknown, unseen, or unheard before, that the greatest and most awesome of things arise.

Gwen Stefani herself beseeches “baby don’t lie” in this track, and trust me when I say volcanic metaphors are not even an exaggeration to describe this track, figuratively at least. Literally, especially in bass music terms, the metaphor stands. All three of the artists behind this remix spewing hot fire on this one, especially from the lips of Gwen Stefani whose deep, sultry vocals melt into the trap beats behind them.

That is certainly not all that is melted together or that melts as a result of this cross genre multi-dimensional power collaboration. Sounds are equally across the board, as one artist’s sound melts into another and another so that it is hard to tell where Kaskade stops and Killagraham begins. House music and jungle bass vibes coming together through a song by Gwen Stefani? It makes very little sense in theory but is a slam dunk in practice. Don’t waste time bending your brain to figure out the logistics of “Baby Don’t Lie.” Overthinking this will take away from all the baby-making you should be doing while listening to this sexy trap house banger that isn’t deep house, but goes von deepah.

Listening to this on repeat and still trying to figure out how this collaboration came about in the first place.

Thankful that it did.