There are not many other names in house music that have had a better breakout year than Elephante did. He has had multiple songs eclipse 1 million plays on Soundcloud, and has carved himself a niche sound in a genre that rarely has one. His first original in quite some time was released a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. Not prepared to end the year without another new song, he did something considerably more interesting than a typical release in his newest track, a remix of “Shooting Stars” by the Bag Raiders.

Elephante channels his inner Calvin Harris and both produces, as well as provides the vocals for the track. The production has his signature blend of electro and progressive house that is synonymous with all his music. Vocals wise, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. They are quite impressive and actually sound very nice.

He has proven time and time again that he is an exceptional producer and with the ability to perform his own vocals, Elephante is the total package.