The ever so talented LARCY is back again with another original. Her new single, which was produced by the Jersey producer Gazzo, is a work of art that doesn’t even necessarily constitute EDM. Stylistically, “Running Home” has indie undertones, with a poppy soulfulness eminating from both the instrumental and the voice of the beautiful vocalist. A powerful song like this is one that has potential to break through the mainstream barrier and make it onto not only radio, but television as well. Potent emotions come bustling out of this song, with the result being your own emotions being toyed with. To me, that connection is what makes music so amazing, and this song will connect with listeners everywhere. As far as end of the year records go, this is one of the strongest. What makes it great too, is that it has been released for free. Think of it as an early Christmas present from the one and only LARCY.

Free Download