The last Fresh Face Friday weekly within the genre featured is here. The winner of this week could very well go on to win the whole thing if they can swing the majority of the votes next week during the Monthly round against the other weekly winners of December and also the Quarterly; which takes the three Monthly winners of this quarter into one poll.

Needless to say, there are three awesome producers to be featured this week with some incredible music that will surely ring out the weekly voting with a bang. Have a listen and help excel your favorite to next week by voting.

Totally Normal – Jackson’s Back

Will Clarke is a 21 year old college student living in Pittsburgh, PA who goes by the name “Totally Normal”. Music has always been in Will’s life ever since he was young. He started making music in middle school with his fascination of hardcore/heavy metal music. He transitioned into listening to Flux Pavillion and Skrillex in early 2010 and fell in love with Dubstep. Through this he discovered all kinds of different genres and fell in love with the music. In college he began to take this passion into a hobby.  He has taken music production very seriously and has only been producing originals for a little bit over a year. He has TONS of unreleased tracks to keep people moving and hopes to pick up some support from 2015.

N8RB8 – Breach

I’m a 19 year old from Colorado who’s been producing for a little over two years. I’ve taken a lot of influence from many different genres that I’ve listened to over the years from dubstep to house to glitch hop. Inspirational artists include deadmau5, Dillon Francis, and Excision. My favorite part of producing and a lot of what my tracks start from is synth design. A good synth is always the core of my tracks.

Some Dude – Face Of God

Some Dude, aka Stephen Cowan, has shot to fame in the last few years. After his appearances on Nickelodeons hit show “Victorious” and the release of his debut album “Yours Truly,” Stephen has become a… Oh wait, nevermind that was Ariana Grande. Stephen leads a much simpler life than that. Born and raised in Kansas City, Stephen began producing at 17 because he realized he knew absolutely nothing about music. (Switching from third to first person now) I have always been really focused in mathematics and physics but once I started understanding music I began to see that math and music are essentially two languages attempting to express the same idea. Nature is an endless process of building up and breaking down. This cycle applies to everything, concrete or abstract. The only constant is change, so just flow wiffit!

So there you go, hope you enjoyed some incredible tunes; now vote for your favorite down below.

Merry Christmas!

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